Hello, my name is Eric Hermann

I am a full stack web developer with experiences in film production, computer animation and photography, with a special interest in Virtual Reality (XR).

Since 2008 I started to develop my own office management cloud software Novolix® full-time. Based on PHP and MySQL, Novolix helps my customers to manage their business relations (CRM), their projects and their daily work within a team, their job order management and invoicing, file sharing, and lots more.

Feel free to have a look at my developer portfolio to learn more about my current projects.


Eric Hermann has accompanied Brilliant Voice® for the last 10 years. In our work we rely on tailor-made solutions. Off the shelf is not for us. As a full-stack developer, he always keeps a close eye on the user experience, all technical requirements and data protection. Eric Hermann always recognizes the connections between the challenges on our side and his as a programmer on the other, and finds solutions that exceed your expectations. [...]

Robert Rausch, CEO at Brilliant Voice GmbH & Co.KG