Full stack web developer

As a full stack web developer I have been programming the office and project management software Novolix® since 2008. The development made me constantly push the boundaries and forced me to quickly and efficiently find solutions to new challenges. 
Used technologies
PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Node.js, HTML5, CSS, WebRTC, WebVR, Websockets, Typescript, Webpack, Grunt, Less, Bootstrap, IntelliJ 

Brilliant Voice GmbH & Co. KG – voice actor management

For over 10 years I have been closely working with the full-service speaker management Brilliant Voice. They provide complete support, presentation and positioning of German and international voice artists for advertising, imagefilms, radio and much more.
For their everyday work, Brilliant Voice relies entirely on the office and project management software that I have been developing for them over the years.

Website of Brilliant Voice GmbH & Co. KG

Calculetti® – project and office management

Calculetti is based on my in-house software Novolix. As a cloud solution, Calculetti helps to write invoices, manage customer data, the digital office (accessible everywhere), plan projects and manage tasks in teams.

Office and project management software Calculetti

SmartComponent plugins for e-learnings

tts Knowledge Products GmbH develops the well-known authoring tool TT Knowledge Force for the professional creation of web based trainings. The software provides an interface that allows you to create plug-ins for e-learnings using web techniques. As an external service provider, I developed the standard plug-ins included within the software package, as well as the automated UI tests, using Java, Selenium and Cucumber.

Used technologies
Java, Selenium, Cucumber, JavascriptCSS, HTML5, Grunt, Git, Eclipse, IntelliJ
Scrum and agile project management